Monday, April 02, 2007

Namak Isk ka

Consider this,

"Sara, Sara,
Sweet virgin angel, sweet love of my life,
Sara, Sara,
Radiant jewel, mystical wife." - Bob Dylan, Desire

And consider this,

"Gud Se Meetha Ishq Ishq
Imli Se Khatta Ishq Ishq."
(Love is Sweeter than Jaggery,
Tangier than Tamarind) - Anand Bakshi, Taal

The emotion called 'Love' in the language of poetry has always been associated with things sweet and tangy...things like Honey, Jaggery, Sugar, Tamarind etc. In fact, most of the words that I have mentioned are also used as pet-names by which people call their loved ones. The popular north Indian pet-name 'Guddu' comes from the word 'Gud' which means jaggery. In the western culture, Honey and Sugar are the names by which spouses address each other.

Now, read this,

"Jabaan Pe Laaga, Laaga Re
Namak Isk Ka
(My tongue got the salty taste of Love) - Gulzar, Omkara

It takes a Gulzar to turn to Love into something salty and hot as the situation in the movie demanded it. The song along with 'Beedi' (from the same Omkara) are two of the most cleverly and stylishly written sleazy songs ever from Hindi movies. Check out another line from the song:

Raat Bhar Chaana Chaana Re
Namak Isk ka
(Sieved it throughout the night,
This Salt of Love)

Last time he did something like this was when he turned a 'Mujra/Item' number into a classily written ode to a woman's beauty. Remember 'Kajraare'?


Hemisha said...

Oh my God thats some observation dude.

keep it up great stuff.

Squeeks Mouse

meraj said...

thanks for the appreciation, mouse and keep squeaking!

svety said...

its so sad that namak doesn't feature even as a nomination for the best lyrics award at most of these award is easily the best flavoured song I've heard for quite some time and gulzar should have got the award for it :

chaand nigal gayi guiyan re
ang pe aise chaale pade..


alien said...

this is fantabulous, your observation and consentration and dedication and interpretation is worth appreciating. "OSHO BABA APKI JAI HO."

alien said...

emotion is a disease and love is a state of mind and not an can necverdefine love until and unless he gose through iot....its a one way traffic wherein if yoiu are expecting something in return its not love.. BABA MAY BE I AM WRONG BUT STILL AAPKI JAI love is a very natural feeling...cheers!!!!!

WhiteMoonWatching said...

always loved this song, so sleazy yet not vulgar, its on every one of my playlists...the feelings mutual M...