Monday, August 16, 2010

Lafz, Khayaal aur Sapne (Words, Thoughts & Dreams)

Many a times I've unknowingly scribbled a word on my note-pad or a post-it while doing something totally unrelated(to that scribbled word)and perhaps, boring, like sitting in a long corporate meeting.

Those words became my inspiration for the following collection of words.

Lafz, Khayaal Aur Sapne
Kal din ka likha ek lavz
Aaj baar baar keh raha hai,
“Mujhe apne jumle se mila do
Varna panne se mita do”

Kal shaam ko aaya ek khayaal
Aaj dastak dekar bolta hai,
“Huzoor poora toh soch lo mujhe
Ya mila do kisi naye khayaal se”

Kal raat ka dekha ek sapna
Aaj din min bhi aa pahucha hai
Kehta hai,“Kahin jaane na do mujhe
Ek roz haqeeqat se milaana mujhe”

Inhin lafzon, khayaalon, sapnon se
Banti hai meri duniya
Aise hi kuch doston ke saath se
Kat bhi jaayegi yeh duniya

Words, Thoughts and Dreams (A rough translation in English)
A word written yesterday
Comes to me today and says,
‘Join me with my sentence,
Or, erase me from the page.’

A thought from last evening
Knocks today and says,
‘Think me to fruition
Or combine me with a new one.’

A dream from last night
Has come back in the daytime
Says, ‘Don’t let go of me,
Turn me into reality someday.’

Words, thoughts and dreams
Fill up my life with ease
With friends such as these
The world will pass by as a breeze

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last night was remarkable. Another first happened. I saw an entire movie in my dream and remembered each and every detail of it when I woke up. Dreams of such nature have come to me earlier but in a broken manner with my memory failing me when I would wake up.

It belonged to the genre of horror with some abstract elements thrown in. Interestingly, I was both, a part of the movie as one of the characters and a viewer in the theater, simultaneously.

What’s really amazing is the complete nature of the experience. Everything is etched in my memory. The faces of the characters, their expressions, their attire, the background score, the sound of rain falling on the leaves, the lighting, the setting, the smell and color of the flowers, even the exchange of dialogues and shot angles.

I also remember walking out of the theater thinking that it was a good movie that I just saw.

So, I woke up at 7:00 am and immediately scribbled down everything on a sheet of paper (which was a bill of some sort) lying on the bed-side table. I intend to turn it into a proper narrative and then let’s see.

The world of dreams continues to be intriguing, enchanting and entertaining.