Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Manuscripts of snow

The last leaves fell like notes from a piano
And left their ovals echoing in the ear;
With gawky music stands, the winter forest
Looks like an empty orchestra, its lines
Ruled on these scattered manuscripts of snow.

- Derek Walcott, Selected poems

ps: I can't smudge the beauty of these words by adding anything from my end.


Anonymous said...

the lines are no doubt beautiful,,but it would have been good if u could include a few lines about the poet...would be helpful for the likes of me who dont know much about him..

meraj said...

yeah, you are right...but you can always do a wikipedia search on the man.

ghaza said...

this is in reference to one snippet of our weekend ramblings:

check out Irrfan's interview in Bombay Times last page ........... last paragraph, 2nd line :)