Monday, January 26, 2009

Poet Gulzar

The poet Gulzar is a great creative mind. His genius, once again gets reflected in two songs for the movie Slumdog Millionaire, ‘Ringa Ringa Ringa’ and ‘Jai Ho’. The latter has picked up an Oscar nomination and is likely to get the award too. Some lines from ‘Jai Ho’ are enough to reflect his genius.

The song appears at the end of the movie and fades into the credits. Mr Boyle’s idea was to give a Bollywood style, song and dance finish. The song is about a lover asking his beautiful love interest to meet up in this beautiful night.

Aaja Aaja Jinde Shaamiyaane Ke Tale

Zariwaale Neele Aasmaan Ke Tale

Come beneath life’s canopy

Come beneath the embroidered blue sky

Make note of how he describes a starry night…Zariwaale Neele Aasmaan Ke Tale. One can start seeing a star studded night even if one is listening to the song at mid-day .

Or, notice the metaphor in this one...

Chakh Le, Chakh Le

Ye Raat Shahad Hai

Taste it, Taste it

This night is like honey

The man never ceases to make me happy. Ive tried to capture his genius in one of my earlier posts also. You can read it here.

ps: thats a nice sketch of a young Gulzar which i found on Google images. the artist's name wasnt mentioned.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rumpeteer Tilak

Two underdog stories are shaking the world right now. One real life and the other reel life. One is called Barrack Obama and the other, Slumdog Millionaire. I didn’t see the inauguration ceremony of Mr Obama but I have seen and heard Danny Boyle’s several Oscar nominated ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. It’s a visual and aural delight. Golden Globe has already given several nods to the movie, including the OST by A R Rahman and I’m sure Oscars will do the same.

Being a Rahman fan ever since his path-breaking creation Roja, I’m delighted. The soundtrack of ‘Slumdog…’ has been playing in my system for the last 3 weeks and I’ve been tripping on each track, one by one. My current favorite is the track called ‘Mausam & Escape’ with some brilliant Sitar work in it.

During the same time when Slumdog’s music was creating ripples at the Globes and across the globe, I managed to pay a charming tribute to Rahman’s genius in my own little way. I turned into a music director guiding a Sri Lankan trumpeter (locally pronounced ‘RUMPETEER’) to play the Rahman composed Airtel signature tune in the ‘Papre Band’ manner. This was for the radio jingle which was a part of the launch of Airtel in Sri Lanka. My agency just accomplished the task of the launch.

In Sri Lanka, Papre band consists of a drummer and a RUMPETEER. They are usually found at the Cricket matches cheering the local team and they are loud and irritating, mostly.

The RUMPETEER of this story is called Tilak and he is a part of the Police band of Colombo. I made him rehearse inside closed doors for 30 minutes and he was ready for the recording. It just took him two takes to deliver the perfect rendition. After which, he politely collected his 5 K SLR and faded into oblivion. This particular jingle went on to become very popular and many Sri Lankans came up to me to say that they enjoyed it.

The fact that Mr Rahman will never know about this little episode makes it all the more charming.