Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shaam Aati Hai

Mere Ghar Subah Nahin Aati
Sirf Shaam Aati Hai

Thake Se Sooraj Ki Kirnon Pe Savaar
Sunehri  Si Shaam Aati Hai

Pardon Ke Beech Se
Sehem Sehem Ke Shaam Aati hai

Din Bhar Ki Khabron Ko Liye
Evening Postwaali Shaam Aati Hai

Office Se Ghar Aate
Logonwali Shaam Aati Hai

Ek Aur Raat Ka Aaghaaz Liye
Silaeti Shaam Aati Hai

Kucch Der Balcony Pe Letti Hai
Aur Phir Kal Tak Ke Liye Ghaayab Ho Jaati Hai

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ashu Miyaan Hamaare

My nephew Ashar turned four on 23rd of this month. Continuing with the tradition, I wrote this for the occasion.

Ashu Miyan Hamaare

Ab Chaar Saal Ke Ho Chale
Abhi Kal Hi Ki To Baat Hai
Ki Teen Ke Hue The

Aql Ke Pakke Ho Rahein Hain
Bade Bade Sawaal Karte Hain

‘Kaun Jyaada Powerful Hai
Hawa, Aag, Paani
Ya Phir Deewaar?’

‘Humein Chalne Ke Liye
Pair Kyon Uthaana Padta Hai
Turuck Toh Yunhi Chalti Hai?’

Maar Pitaayi Ke Khel Meiin
Bada Mazaa Aata Hai Miyaan Ko
Chot Bhi Lagti Rehti Hai
Phir Bhi Peeche Nahin Hat-te

Kabhi Jab Dimaar Ho Jaate Hain
Hum Sab Ki Jaan Le Lete Hain
Aur Jab Theek Ho Jaate Hain
Waapish Maar-Pitaayi Shuru Kar Dete Hai

Badi jaldi Naraaz Bhi Ho Jaate Hain
Aur Gar Manaane Lago Toh
Dheere Dheere Dheere Dheere
Muskuraa Bhi Dete Hain

Ghar Mein Saalgirah Jiski Bhi Ho
Cake Wohi Kaat-te Hain
Aur Aaj Toh Unki Hi Saalgirah Hai
Aaj Toh Badawaala Cake Kaatenge

Ashu Miyan Hamaare
Ab Chaar Saal Ke Ho Chale
Abhi Kal Hi Ki To Baat Hai
Ki Teen Ke Hue The

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Shaam E Firaaq / Evening of Separation

Tried to translate another one of the master's (Faiz) work in English. Of course, no translation can render the same amount of sublime beauty as the original masterpiece.

Shaam-e-Firaaq Ab Na Pooch, Aayi Aur Aake Tal Gayee
Dil Tha Ki Phir Bahal Gayaa, Jaan Thi Ki Phir Sambhal Gayee

Bazm-e-Khyaal Mein Tere Husn Ki Shamma Jal Gayee
Dard Ka Chaand Bujh Gayaa Hijr Ki Raat Dhal Gayee

Jab Tujhe Yaad Kar Liyaa Subah Mahak Mahak Utthi
Jab Tera Gham Jagaa Liyaa Raat Machal Machal Gayee

Dil Se Toh Har Muaamla Kar Ke Chale The Saaf Hum
Kehne Mein Un Ke Saamne Baat Badal Badal Gayee

Aakhir-e-Shab Ke Humsafar Faiz Na Jaane Kahaan Gaye
Rah Gayee Kis Jagah Sabaa, Subah Kidhar Nikal Gayee

Do not ask about the evening of separation; it came, and passed
The heart got diverted again and life found its feet again

In the ensemble of my thoughts, the light of your beauty lit up
The moon of pain snuffed out, the night of separation slipped away

Whenever I remembered you, mornings became fragrant
Whenever I awakened your pain, the nights became restless

In this heart I had sorted all the issues before setting out
However while recounting before her, words changed by themselves

Where did my co-travellers to the end-of-the-night go?
Where did the breeze get left behind and which way did the dawn walk off?

Monday, June 24, 2013


Jaade Ke Mausam Mein
Subah Ki Dhoop Jaisi Hai Woh

Garmi Ki Dopeheron Mein
Suraahiwaale Pani Jaisi Hai Woh

Baarishwaali Shaamon Mein
Adrak Ki Chai Jaisi Hai Woh

Aisi Hai Woh

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Partners in Crime

It teaches you patience; she said
For, it reaches you slow and sweet
It reached me quiet early, I said
When I was seventeen or eighteen

Those were the days of cheap
Of depending on pocket feed
Both quantity and quality were less
But the high was high and deep

Then came the money days
Along came the Gokul ways
My partner in crime and I
Were found there every eve

The partner left for a foreign land
Crime stayed pretty much at hand
Gathering further ash and dust
Turning me into a living ghost

Then came the days of Anitiquity
Of things wild, and life sweet
We got together again in crime
Even if it was, just for a while

Followed by years of separation
Crime continued, simultaneously
Towards sophisticated ways,
Elitist names and complex tastes

Years later, the partners united
Over a bottle of almondy Glen
Mellowed conversations and love
Crime had hit the city, yet again!


Jab Lamp-posts Se 
Peeli Baarish Girti Hai

Jab Kaali Sadkein
Aayina Ban Jaatein Hain

Jab Patloonein 
Oonchein Ho Jaatein Hain

Jab Joote 
Sehem Sehem ke Chalte Hain

Jab Doctoron Ki
Kamaayi Badh Jaati Hai

Jab Tauliye Ki Duty 
Badh Jaati Hai

Jab Dare Hue Parindey
Khul Ke Ud Nahin Paate

Jab Sheher Ko 
Ek Naya Background Score Mil Jaata Hai

Aur, Baqaul Gulzar 
Jab Pahiye Kulle Karte Hain

Tab, Mumbai Mein
Monsoon Aa Jaata hai

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Aaye Kucch Abr Kucch Sharaab Aaye

Considering that the breathtaking monsoons are here, an English translation of this gem from Faiz had to be done.

Aaye Kuch Abr Kuch Sharaab Aaye
Usske Baad Aaye Jo Azaab Aaye

Baam-e-Minaa Se Maahtaab Utare
Dast-e-Saaqi Mein Aaftaab Aaye

Har Rag-e-Khoon Mein Phir Charaagaan Ho
Saamne Phir Woh Benaqaab Aaye

Umr Ke Har Warq Pe Dil Ko Nazar
Teri Mehr-o-wafaa Ke Baab Aaye

Kar Rahaa Tha Gham-e-Jahaan Ka Hisaab
Aaj Tum Yaad Behisaab Aaye

Na Gayee Tere Gham Ki Sardaari
Dil Mein Yun Roz Inqalaab Aaye

Jal Uthe Bazm-e-Ghair Ke Dar-o-Baam
Jab Bhi Hum Khaane Kharaab Aaye

Is Taraah Apni Khaamoshi Goonjee
Goya Har Simt Se Jawaab Aaye

Faiz Thi Raah Sarbasar Manzil
Hum Jahaan Pahunche Kaamyaaab Aaye

A translation

Let some clouds come along with some wine
Then later, any kind of calamity is fine

Moonlight flows from heavens terrace
While the sun rises from Saaquis hands

Let all the blood-veins light up again
Let her come before me unveiled

In all the pages of my life
Let the tales of your kindness appear

Was taking stock of all the pains in this world
And your memories came gushing, endlessly

The eminence of your pain never leaves me
Though the heart revolts everyday

The world of strangers burns 
Every time I return home destroyed

My silence echoed in such a way
Answers came from all directions

Faiz, my path was strewn with destinations
Wherever I reached, I was victorious

Thursday, June 06, 2013

When, In Your Ocean Eyes

I haven't been on this page for almost a light year. This morning, while listening to Ms Nayyara Noor's beautiful rendition of the above mentioned poem by the great Urdu poet Faiz, made me feel like making a comeback. 

A fleeting moment has never been captured so beautifully in words than the way its been done in this poem and I've tried to get some essence of it in this English translation.

Jab Teri Samandar Aankhon Mein
ye dhoop kinara, shaam dhale
milte hain dono waqt jahan,
jo raat na din, jo aaj na kal,
pal bhar ko amar,
pal bhar mein dhuan,
is dhoop kinare, pal do pal,
honton ki lapak,
baahon ki chanak,
ye mel hamara jhoot na sach,
kyon raaz karo, kyun dosh dharo,
kis kaaran jhooti baat karo,
jab teri samundar aankhon mein,
is shaam ka sooraj doobega,
sukh soenge ghar dar wale,
aur raahi apni raah lega

When, In Your Ocean Eyes
This sunlight’s edge,
This evening’s fall
Where two moments meet
Neither night nor day
Neither today nor morrow
A moment, forever
In a moment, gone
This sunlight’s edge
This fleeting moment
Our Leaping lips
Our Clinging arms
This togetherness
Neither true nor a lie
So, why this secrecy
So, why blame someone
And, what’s the need for lies
When, in your ocean eyes
This evening’s sun will set
Families shall sleep peacefully
And a traveler will find his way.

Below is the link of Ms Noor's rendition of this poem.