Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kitni Door Jaaoge (How Far Would You Go)

Some more words paid a visit to somedays ago. They seemed nice to me so I thought of introducing them to you. Let me know if you like them too.

Kitni Door Jaaoge
Kitni Door Jaaoge
Khud Ke Kareeb Aane Ke Liye
Kitni Raahon Pe Chaloge
Apni Manzil Paane Ke Liye

Shaayad Koi Manzil Hai Hi Nahin
Bas Raaste Hi Raaste Hain
Chalte Rehne Me Hi Mazaa Hai
Manzil Paane Mein Nahin

Aur Yunhi Chalte Chalte Ek Din
Chale Jaayoge Hamesha Ke Liye
Khatam Ho Jaayenega Raaste Saare
Poora Ho Jaayega Ye Safar

How Far Would Go (A rough translation in English)
How far would you go
To get close to yourself
How many roads will you travel
To reach your destination

Perhaps there is no destination
Just plenty of roads to travel on,
The pleasure is in the travel itself
And not in finding the destination

And on one of these travels
You will be gone forever
All the roads will come to an end
And so will the travels