Thursday, April 05, 2007

Keeping a promise

As a comment on my post on Majaaz's nazam, 'Awaargi', a good reader had requested me to to translate the song 'Dikhaayi Diye Yun' from the movie 'Bazaar'. It's actually a Ghazal written by Mir Taqi Mir(1723 - 1810), one of the greatest Urdu poets. Mir was one of the pioneers who gave shape to the Urdu language itself. 

I must accept that when began carrying out the request, with my little knowledge of Urdu, I faced a little difficulty and that perhaps explains the delay in coming out with this post (yeah yeah it took me 4 months to come out with this). I have made an attempt and now its for you readers to judge the result. The basic mood of the Ghazal is that of a spurned (and perhaps bitter) lover.

Diye Yoon Ke Bekhudh Kiya

Humein Aapse Bhi Judaa Kar Chale
My senses loses all on seeing you

To the extent that I end up losing you

Sajda Karte Hi Sarse Gayi

Haq-E-Bandigi Hum Ada Kar Chale
Prostrate I lay in front you

The only way I know to worship you

Parastish Kiya Tak Ke Aye But Tujhe
Nazar Mein Sabhon ki Khuda Kar Gaye
Worshipped you so hard O’ Stone
That people now take you for God

Bahut Arzoo Thi Gali Ki Tere
So Ya Se Lahoo Mein Naha Kar Chale
Paid the price of wanting to be in your life
By leaving it soaked in blood of emotions 

Khayyam's beautiful melody adds extreme sadness and beauty to these words. I hope that with the meanings becoming a little clearer now, you will be understand what I mean.Ghalib, another great who came a little after the times of Mir, had to say this for him.

kay tumhi ustaad nahi ho Ghalib

Kehtay hain aglay zamanay may koi Meer bhi thaa
You are not the only master of Urdu Ghalib
They say there used to be a Meer in the past

Enjoy the long weekend. I am sure am going to because it promises to be like an 'inner circle woodstock' (last paragraph).


blaiq said...

From the man who said "Hain aur bhi duniya mein sukhanwar bahut achche/kehte hain ke Ghalib ka hai andaaze bayan aur" that is indeed rare praise.

meraj said...

the ego trips (call it self-confidence) of most artists, specially urdu shaayars are always noteworthy. check this out:

Faiz Thi Raah Sar Basar Manzil,
Hum Jahaan Pahuche Kaamyaab Aaye
(For the poet, roads were full of destinations,
Wherever he went, he was succesful) - of course, Faiz Ahmed Faiz

nikhil said...

inner circle woodstock ? :D

meraj said...

it was a bit like that...wasnt it?

nikhil said...

better.. u blog abt it.. shall read and relive..

alien said...

the Khaak-e-raah bhii ham log qahar-e-tuufaa.N bhii
sahaa to kyaa na sahaa aur kiyaa to kyaa na kiyaa

-Faiz ahmed Faiz.

ghaza said...

hey, is your phone number the same?

if not, mail to

ghaza said...

hey city of god has come to the theatres (thankfuly)