Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Ceylon Years

It has been 21 hours since I left the charming country Sri Lanka for good, to start my third innings in the city of Mumbai. My life will go back to the rush of the big city. But the two years in the tiny, laid-back tropical isle has given me enough pleasant memories to remember, and pleasures to carry forward.

The friends, the food, the Sunday Jazz, the local Arrack, the frequent weekend trips to a pretty resort, the beaches, the easy smiles of the people, the polite air and life in the easy lane. All have become a part of me.

And thanks to the easy life, I picked up 2 great hobbies. SLR photography and playing the guitar...I could always sing, but now I can do it along with strumming the guitar. In fact, a day before leaving the country, I did my first professional studio recording of a song. It came out quite well.

Now, let’s see how the latest Mumbai innings go.

ps: thats a sunrise from the balcony of my ex-apartment in Colombo, taken by Nikon D 60, a few days before I left.