Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For a better 2009

We are living amidst difficult times. Here's wishing everyone a happy, peace filled and better year.

ps: thats 'Flowers for New Year', an oil on canvas by the famous Vietnamese artist, Ha Huynh My. i would like to put it on the wall of my living room.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Three Weeks Later

Three weeks have passed and the city (where I was living just six months ago) has returned to normalcy, they say. Much has been written about the despicable and terrifying ordeal that Mumbai and its people were once again subjected to. I’m listing some of the views which resonated with me.

An Angry Moslem

A rational look at certain silly reactions from some Indians

A Worried American

A Thinking Indian

A sane voice from Pakistan

As for me, I’m ashamed of my identity at two levels. As a Human Being and as a Moslem.

A day after the ordeal ended, I watched the lovely Irish musical film, Once and felt better. The fact that the same species which can take so many innocent lives has the ability to create something so delicate & beautiful amazes me. It also fills me with hope for us and the world.

ps: thats the now wounded Taj Mahal Hotel from a 1903 postcard