Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Shaam E Firaaq / Evening of Separation

Tried to translate another one of the master's (Faiz) work in English. Of course, no translation can render the same amount of sublime beauty as the original masterpiece.

Shaam-e-Firaaq Ab Na Pooch, Aayi Aur Aake Tal Gayee
Dil Tha Ki Phir Bahal Gayaa, Jaan Thi Ki Phir Sambhal Gayee

Bazm-e-Khyaal Mein Tere Husn Ki Shamma Jal Gayee
Dard Ka Chaand Bujh Gayaa Hijr Ki Raat Dhal Gayee

Jab Tujhe Yaad Kar Liyaa Subah Mahak Mahak Utthi
Jab Tera Gham Jagaa Liyaa Raat Machal Machal Gayee

Dil Se Toh Har Muaamla Kar Ke Chale The Saaf Hum
Kehne Mein Un Ke Saamne Baat Badal Badal Gayee

Aakhir-e-Shab Ke Humsafar Faiz Na Jaane Kahaan Gaye
Rah Gayee Kis Jagah Sabaa, Subah Kidhar Nikal Gayee

Do not ask about the evening of separation; it came, and passed
The heart got diverted again and life found its feet again

In the ensemble of my thoughts, the light of your beauty lit up
The moon of pain snuffed out, the night of separation slipped away

Whenever I remembered you, mornings became fragrant
Whenever I awakened your pain, the nights became restless

In this heart I had sorted all the issues before setting out
However while recounting before her, words changed by themselves

Where did my co-travellers to the end-of-the-night go?
Where did the breeze get left behind and which way did the dawn walk off?

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