Thursday, June 06, 2013

When, In Your Ocean Eyes

I haven't been on this page for almost a light year. This morning, while listening to Ms Nayyara Noor's beautiful rendition of the above mentioned poem by the great Urdu poet Faiz, made me feel like making a comeback. 

A fleeting moment has never been captured so beautifully in words than the way its been done in this poem and I've tried to get some essence of it in this English translation.

Jab Teri Samandar Aankhon Mein
ye dhoop kinara, shaam dhale
milte hain dono waqt jahan,
jo raat na din, jo aaj na kal,
pal bhar ko amar,
pal bhar mein dhuan,
is dhoop kinare, pal do pal,
honton ki lapak,
baahon ki chanak,
ye mel hamara jhoot na sach,
kyon raaz karo, kyun dosh dharo,
kis kaaran jhooti baat karo,
jab teri samundar aankhon mein,
is shaam ka sooraj doobega,
sukh soenge ghar dar wale,
aur raahi apni raah lega

When, In Your Ocean Eyes
This sunlight’s edge,
This evening’s fall
Where two moments meet
Neither night nor day
Neither today nor morrow
A moment, forever
In a moment, gone
This sunlight’s edge
This fleeting moment
Our Leaping lips
Our Clinging arms
This togetherness
Neither true nor a lie
So, why this secrecy
So, why blame someone
And, what’s the need for lies
When, in your ocean eyes
This evening’s sun will set
Families shall sleep peacefully
And a traveler will find his way.

Below is the link of Ms Noor's rendition of this poem.


pooja nair said...

Speechless! I never quite knew the meaning fully. Thanks for enriching my life.

meraj said...

you are most welcome, pooja

radha said...

I am touched by your translation of this utterly beautiful Faiz couplet. and Nayyara Noor's rendition takes it to simply another level!

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