Saturday, January 26, 2008

My colorful beach bag

As always, a lot has been happening ever since I’ve landed here in the Isle. I’ve been trying to explore certain professional challenges and seeking the usual personal pleasure and will be documenting it all, shortly. About Laphroig and Sweet Caroline, about Sea Spray and a fortress of an office, about a fishing town at the break of dawn and Sage Merlyn...all of it will be appearing here in good time. For now, I’m off to a beach resort located in the south of the island with a bottle of J&B, and Steinbeck tucked in my colourful beach bag.

About my friends here...well, they are the same sweet self. It was delightful meeting them again. Chaga has already given me some good coffee beans which I shall be sipping on when I’m back to India.


Naked Cricket said...

the start of another blog called Alcoholics Unanimous appears imminent

phish said...

its disgusting in bombay. 10 degrees at night. cold winds in the evening. as the polluted sunlight filters in and take a deeper breath of the monoxide laced air, i think of you.
with choicest of swear words.

when you back?

meraj said...

phish, my back in your neighborhod to feel the Bombay winter you are talking about.