Friday, January 18, 2008

Magic Movie Moments

The unfortunate situation in Kenya continues unabated. Every morning I watch it from the screen of my TV and get disturbed. 600 people have died so far and another 250,000 rendered homeless. Being a romantic, I keep hoping that conditions will improve with proper mediation and talks between Kibaki and Odinga.

Closer home, the situation has once again become troubled in my favourite Island country. The ceasefire has been called off, officially and the terrorist attacks by the LTTE have increased in a big manner. Once again, it leaves me very disturbed. A country which is so beautiful, with its people, geography and culture is amidst a constant threat. I will be in Colombo for 10 days starting this Sunday and will try to fill you in with the sentiments.

Another neighbouring nation continues to be in its state of chaos. Let’s see what the so called democratic elections will bring to Pakistan.

On the aesthetic note, I’ve been keeping myself busy with a list of movies. Movies from past and present, from this part of the world and other parts of the world, on big screen and small screen. Movies which made me appreciate, criticize, love and live through their various moments. So, here is a documentation of such magic moments of loving, living, appreciation and goosebumps.
  • The dance sequence at the restaurant between Franz, Odile and Arthur (Bande Apart , Godard, 1954)
  • Alexander getting caned by his step-father while Fanny watches quietly...too afraid to express any emotion ( Fanny & Alexander, Bergman, 1982)
  • Hitler’s angry outburst at his aides while his hands tremor behind his back and while Berlin burns (The Downfall, Oliver Hirschbiegel, 2004)
  • Wiesler ‘s faint smile while listening to ‘The Sonata for a Good Man’ (Lives of Others, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, 2006)
  • Sanjouro’s cynical and ‘afraid of nothing’ look, always...( In both Sanjuro and Yojimbo , Kurosawa, 1963)
  • Gondo’s change of stance when he hears that it’s his driver’s son who has been kidnapped and not his son (High and Low, Kurosawa, 1964)
  • Avijit displaying his genius eye for colors and pictures (Born into Brothels, Zana Briski / Rauf Kauffman, 2004)
  • Ego going back to his childhood after eating the Ratatouille made by Remy and then writing an honest review (Ratatouille, Brad Bird/Jan Pinkava, 2007)
  • Prewitt and Warden having a drunken conversation late in the night, sitting in the middle of the road (From Here to Eternity, Fred Zinnemann, 1953)
  • The various skirmishes between The Great Danton and The Professor (The Prestige, Chritopher Nolan, 2006)

These moments are from the cinema of the other world. Coming up next is the list from our world. Have a good weekend!

The picture above is the cover design of a great book on movies which I am a proud owner of...thanks to good ol' friend, whom I haven't met in a long long time.

ps: They are celebrating my birthday today, exactly the way it happened last year. To know more about what happened last year and today, read here.


Smiling Dolphin said...

happy official birthday...i am not understanding, i thought you were leo born....haven't seen half the movies here but all the moments sound great. ..and my waters are anything but quiet, dear, but i've posted something today anyway lest you leave.....have a good time in colombo, are you getting married there or not?

alien said...




meraj said...

smiling one,
my real birthday is 18th of August (atleats thats what my folks tell me :)). they pre-dated it to 18th August so that i was eligible (agewise) to be in school and they can work guilt-free.

married in Colombo? well, lets see...

thanks for the wishes...lets see what i write.


Smiling Dolphin said...

pre-dating? isn't that cheating?

Naked Cricket said...

m - like that bit about moments from film.

meraj said...

you bet, dolphin!

am glad you liked that bit on bits and pieces from movies.

Spiff said...

Cant forget the moments from The Prestige & The Downfall. Thought they were way too brilliant for most of us. I know folks who think the former has an ending full of poop - and every time I do I feel like throwing some at them.

Specially love the scenes where Bale is reading Jackmans diary.

There are a few I think you missed out on - although I know not intentionally:
- Andy Dufresne listening to the "Marriage of Figaro" in Shawshank Redemption

- (Another one that most people dont like but I love it :) ) the end in Mirch masala?

- and yes the performance of Olive at the end in "Little Miss Sunshine"

meraj said...

yeah spiff,
Bale is a fine actor with the right expressions while reading something written about him by a rival in trade.

it was intentional as my list coems from the movies i've seen in the last couple of months. and Shawshank..., or Little Miss... wasnt in the list. Shawshank... remains an alltime favorite (with the mentioned sequence) and havent seen all.

will be giving the list from recently watched Indian movies, shortly...


Chaga said...

Belated wishes for a happy documented B'day.

Hey! You are most welcome to have your wedding here. Will arrange everything.