Monday, November 27, 2006

To all the girls I've loved before

while my last post was on democratization of music, this one is going to be a sort of contradiction. i get some sort of intellectual satisfaction by contradicting myself...its like i am having an argument with myself (people playing chess against themselves must be feeling the same, i guess).

the idea came up while chatting with an old 'DoReMe' pal. the man recently gifted me 'Closing Time' by Tom Waits and while discussing the song 'Martha' from the album the thought came. lets make an album which has tracks with the title as the name of the girl with 2 filters: a) all classic male bands/singers b) a song each by these greats. here is my list...

1. Ramona - Bob Dylan
2. Gloria - Van Morrison
3. Suzanne - Leonard Cohen
4. Julia - The Beatles
5. Angie - The Rolling Stones
6. Katie Mae - Grateful dead
7. Kathy's Song - Simon & Garfunkel
8. Martha - Tom Waits
9. Desiree - Neil Diamond

10. Hazey Jane I & II - Nick Drake

the album to be titled as 'To all the girls Ive loved before' and sent to our ex girl-friends....what do you think guys???

i shall be glad to hear about your list...


The old 'DoReMe' pal said...

Additions to the list..

11. Mellisa - Allman Brothers Band
12. Sad Lisa - Cat Stevens
13. Walk Away Renee - Left Blanke
14. Belle - Al Green
15. Candy/Stephenie/Lisa Says - Velvet Underground
16. Judy is a Punk - Ramones
17. Lola - Kinks
18. Polly - Nirvana (Though I dont associate much with the 'Nirvana philosophy', but then this song is a statement in itself)
19. Sally Simpson - The Who
20. A Rose for Emily - The Zombies
21. Barbarra Ann - Beach Boys
22. The Girl with no Name - Byrds (The Byrds are definitely greats, but then I put this here just for the song name :))
23. Carrie Anne - The Hollies
24. Proud Mary - CCR (A bit of trivia, it seems this song was meant to be about a domestic washerwoman to start with, but when Fogerty wrote the music for it the first few chords reminded him of a paddle-wheel going around, and he thought of the Mississippi River. Instead of "Proud Mary" being a clean-up lady, "she" became a boat)
25. Maybelline - Chuck Berry (How can we miss this, where it all began)
26. Cecilia - Simon Garfunkel (A repeat on the artist, choose either)
27. Goodnigh Irene - Leadbelly (A fav of mine, just had to include this :))
28. Jennifer Juniper - Donovan
29. Mabel - Procol Harum
30. Bessie Smith - The Band (Love this song, though this is really namechecking)
31. Lucille - Little Richard
32. Maggie May - Rod Stewart
33. Monalisa - Nat King Cole
34. Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
35. Roxanne - The Police
36. Maggie M'gill - The Doors
37. Izabella - Jimi Hendrix
38. Layla - Eric Clapton
39. Cross Eyed Mary - Jethro Tull
40. Rikki Don't Loose that Number - Stelly Dan

Now thats quite a few songs :). I leave it to the authors discretion to choose from among these..

meraj said...

pal, if asked for top 10 (and not in any particular order) , i shall still go for the first 10 on the 10 from your list would be (and once again not in any particular order)
1. Layla - Eric Clapton
2. Monalisa - Nat King Cole
3. Roxanne - The Police
4. Maybelline - Chuck Berry
5. Maggie May - Rod Stewart
6. Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
7. Mellisa - The Allman Brothers
8. Sara - Bob Dylan (not from this list and another repition of artist)
9. Maggie M'Gill - The Doors
10. Polly - Nirvana

the third filter which i didnt mention was that it had be just the name of the girl...nothing added to it.

what do you think?

meraj said...

now you can give your top 10 from the big list....


meraj said...

and how did we forget our lady of the night in the forest....she wont be too happy with us.

apologies annie!

Heather said...

Hi Meraj - I'll give u a call. Would be good to chat for sure ....