Tuesday, November 21, 2006


In the beginning we were victims of the format. Names like Billboard & Decca Records etc told us that top Springsteen hit was “Dancing in the Dark” (they still tell you these things) while your personal hit was “I’m on fire” (still is)

They also packaged something like the ‘Greatest Hits’ by Bob Dylan and gave them to you in the form of an LP, magnetic tape or an Audio CD depending on the technology of the times while you kept wondering,‘where are the songs which I dig, man?’ (and they still continue to throw those ‘Greatest Hits’ sorts but who cares...)

Then came Internet, followed by a magical format called MP3 and the world of recorded music became free (the world of music is always free)…suddenly getting music was within the reach of all who had a high speed internet access…it could be downloaded, shared, carried in a small device, logically called the 'MP3 player' and enjoyed by anyone anywhere. No more listening to what somebody else is telling you to, no more listening to it in a particular sequence, no more buying expensive CDs for a particular song, no more waiting for that particular CD to come to a store near you…you could just pick up your favorite music from the country of Net, put it in your MP3 player and make something like ‘Greatest Hits’ by Vishal (ie if thats your name)...music became more personal. MP3 freed you from the other formats and allowed you to ‘Play with Music’ rather than just ‘Play the Music’

I call it DO-RE-MEcracy or the musical democracy!


nikhil said...

hmm.. pretty straightforward post :)

btw, i hated both sula and la reserve.. suggest some others on the wetter sweeter side ?

meraj said...

if you are looking for the sweeter sorts, figuera port (red and white both) is the stuff for you.

guess you will also appreciate the 'white zin' or white zinfandel which is off-dry and sweet.

nikhil said...

no white for me... only reds :D ive tried zinfandel i didnt like that one either.. and port wines that i tried are all too sweet !!

i liked syrah.. thats a nice red wine..

H5L5N5 said...

The Internet and mp3s changed my life. What a relief it was when I wanted a song! I didn't have to go to every music shop in Paris trying to find it; I would usually have to buy an entire album for just one song (and only on very rare occasion was the rest of the tracks worth listening to.)
Still, there are some albums that are so wonderfully crafted you must listen to them in the right order to enjoy them completely (like David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, for exemple.)
When I think of all the wonderful songs I treasure now that I would have never discovered without downloading random mp3s when i'm bored...
I love the name of your blog.
Oh, by the way, my favourite Springsteen is "The River."

meraj said...

thanks for appreciating the name, H5L5N5