Friday, March 16, 2012

A Wordsmith to a Tunesmith

Tunesmith, my tunesmith
Craft me a sweet tune
My words need them
Please give them one

It’d be the best for my words
Even if it’s your worst
They'll dance in its glory
So will your tune, in them

When the song is complete
We shall celebrate in style
Scotch and Gold Flake Lights
To light up the night


mr bojangles said...

haha.. so good for the wordsmith, tunesmith and everyone around to listen. chalo, as they say here, enjoy madi! and wifey and i were singing 'matchmaker matchmaker' a few days back - you can see how the tune just fits. much love.

meraj said...

:) mr bojangles!

ghaza said...

very very very nice :)

meraj said...

glad you liked it ghaza!