Sunday, February 26, 2012

Neend Ke Dhaage

Neend Ke Dhaage Mein
Khwaab Pirote Ho Tum
Gale Mein Yeh Haar Daale
Raat Haseen Ho Jaati Hai

Badi Itraati Phirti Hai
Khaamosh Galiyon Mein
Sitaaron Ka Dil Todti
Andheron Ko Roshan Karti

Aur Jab Kabhi Ek Aadh Baar
Chandni Ka Saamna Hota Hai
Dhak Leti Hai Khudko Sharmaaker
Ek Bade Sufaid Chaadar Mein


Namas said...

excellent..u r evolving with every new poetry...

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Alas not the easiest thing for me to pick up but i can tell this is great writing , keep it up man , its getting better and better ! if u do find the time , see if u can throw in a translation for us less literates (like u used to)...

meraj said...

@ Namas, thanks!

@ Bhaskar, thanks a lot for the appreciation. will try to put up the translations as well. but, guess you get the whiff.