Friday, December 23, 2011

A Dream Conversation

My 3rd dream
Will meet your 4th (you sleep earlier than me)
Over cups of cloud
They will chat about
Their hopes and dreams
Then they will move on
To the reality of our lives
As the night fades into a new dawn

A rough translation in Urdu follows...

Aaj Raat
Mera Teesra Khaab
Milega Tumhaare Chauthe Se
Baadalon Ki Pyaliyon Ke Saath
Baatein Hongein Hamaari
Ummeedon Ki Aur Khaabon Ki
Phir Haqueeqat Ka Saamna Hoga
Jab Raat Subah Ki Taraf Jaane Lagegi


nikhil said...

v nice ... call me sometime man..

achu said...

cool man

mr bojangles said...

this is such a romantic post baba. and so sad too, with the dawn and reality. makes me feel very bad.