Thursday, April 21, 2011

Worli Sea Face Ki Ek Shaam

Of late, I've started utilizing the proximty of my home to the sea-face promenade of Worli by going for regular evening walks of brisk types. This one comes from one of those walks.

Worli Sea Face Ki Ek Shaam

Kabhi Is Tez Zindagi Se
Thodi Si Mohlat Lekar
Baitho Logon Ko Dekhte
Sea-face Ki Ek Bench Par

Umr Ki Shaam Mein
Laathi Liye Hava Khaate Log

Ear-phone Kaan Mein Daale
Sehat Ke Liye Bhaagte Log

Saari Aur Sneakers Pehne
Aadhi Moti Aunty Log

Breed Kutte Ghumaate
Uktaaye Hue Naukar Log

Garm Chana Bhoonte
Rozi Roti Kamaate Log

Sharm-bhari Aankho Se
Chips Bechti Ek Baaligh Si Ladki
Majboori Hai Bechaari Ki
Warna Aisa Kyon Karti?


blahmachine said...

Worli Sea Face is one of my favourite places in the world. It mesmerizes me. Thumbs Up.

Furry Master said...

Hey Meraj, you seem to forget your friends in Sri Lanka. Hope you will provide us an English translation.

thecorporatehippy said...

bohaut umda miyaan! seaface ki seerat aur soorat ka bayaan..

meraj said...

@ blahmachine, yeah...i know what you mean. its the best sea-face in Mumbai...not as crowded and commercial as Marine Drive, not coochie cooie as Bandstand, not dirty like a Juhu. thnx for the thumbs up!

@ Furry Master, i was almost expecting something like this from your end. how can i forget the lovely people of that sweet island country...its just that i was unable to translate the sentiment properly...i shall try and give it a shot again.

@ thecorporatehippy, bohot shukriya!


And what a sheer coincidence..i was at worli seaface last friday..and whatever i saw there, you have all weaved here..what an observation and the fluent thought expression here..Lovely Meraj!

Sobia Awan said...

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