Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Roothi Raat

The following piece is dedicated to a good friend. For us, the night is always like a lovely bride, who we decorate with conversations, music, spirits and food, when we meet. On one occasion, recently, we couldn't, despite making all the plans to do so. And then, these words came.

Roothi Raat
Ek Roothi Aur Bezaar Raat
Dulhan Bante Bante Reh Gayee
Na Gehne Aaye, Na Sajaanewala
Aur Na Hi Band Baaja

Akele Sone Ki Koshish Mein
Lagi Rahi Woh Saari Raat
Aaj Chand Bhi Saath Na Tha
Taare Toh Door Ki Baat

Bas Ab Subah Ka Intezaar Tha
Ke Chamakti Roshni Aaye
Aur Apni Aaghosh Mein Lekar
Khatm Kare Yeh Aazmaayish

Subah Ke Intezaar Mein
Dulhan Ban-ne Ke Khwaab Mein
Aakhir Aankh Lag Hi Gayi Us Raat Ki
Kaun Jaane Agli Raat Ka Kya Hoga?

I apologize to my non Hindi / Urdu readers for not putting up a translation of the lines in English (as I usually do). I tried but I'm unable to do justice (as of now). Perhaps I shall be succesful later.


achu said...

this is very cool, the thought is a bit raw but the attempt is quite clever.

keep doodling friend, i can see you are going somewhere with your char lynna

Mr Bojangles said...

mmm.. your not putting up a translation means having to google up Aaghosh (lap/hug) and Aazmaayish (experience). but i liked the poem. it makes one feel sorry for the poor hapless raat, pat her head and say 'there there', as if she were a person. what a lovely simple thought!

Surath Chatterji said...

I am embarrassed.

junk said...

quite remarkable that u can still conjure such thoughts; while struggling with the mundane and uninspiring existence which we all have to endure

meraj said...

@ Achu, thx for the encouragement

@ Mr Bojangles, thx for putting up the meanings of the 2 words. i ws myself intending to do that

@ Surath, things are alright :)

@ junk, i know what you mean...but with passing age im getting more and more such thoughts. lets see where they are headed

blahmachine said...

This language... Urdu... manna for poets. 'Passing age' notwithstanding. Nice work, Meraj. I enjoy the simplicity.

meraj said...

@ blahmachine, very well put, 'urdu is the manna for poets'. and thx for the appreciation!

Furry Master said...

Hey m, for the benefit of your friends in Sri Lanka you need to translate real fast.

meraj said...

@Furry Master, will try and do so...and my apologies!

Estella said...

very nice...one of the most unusual metaphors i have come across for meeting a friend..somehow it works..

meraj said...

@ Estella, thx for the appreciation!

ALIen said...

baba its a delay and not the matter of age. bye bye to the lazy days and happy... coming back to life.

meraj said...

Alien, wise words, sir!


Truely awesome Meraj!