Monday, August 16, 2010

Lafz, Khayaal aur Sapne (Words, Thoughts & Dreams)

Many a times I've unknowingly scribbled a word on my note-pad or a post-it while doing something totally unrelated(to that scribbled word)and perhaps, boring, like sitting in a long corporate meeting.

Those words became my inspiration for the following collection of words.

Lafz, Khayaal Aur Sapne
Kal din ka likha ek lavz
Aaj baar baar keh raha hai,
“Mujhe apne jumle se mila do
Varna panne se mita do”

Kal shaam ko aaya ek khayaal
Aaj dastak dekar bolta hai,
“Huzoor poora toh soch lo mujhe
Ya mila do kisi naye khayaal se”

Kal raat ka dekha ek sapna
Aaj din min bhi aa pahucha hai
Kehta hai,“Kahin jaane na do mujhe
Ek roz haqeeqat se milaana mujhe”

Inhin lafzon, khayaalon, sapnon se
Banti hai meri duniya
Aise hi kuch doston ke saath se
Kat bhi jaayegi yeh duniya

Words, Thoughts and Dreams (A rough translation in English)
A word written yesterday
Comes to me today and says,
‘Join me with my sentence,
Or, erase me from the page.’

A thought from last evening
Knocks today and says,
‘Think me to fruition
Or combine me with a new one.’

A dream from last night
Has come back in the daytime
Says, ‘Don’t let go of me,
Turn me into reality someday.’

Words, thoughts and dreams
Fill up my life with ease
With friends such as these
The world will pass by as a breeze


mr bojangles said...

you think sooo lovely!

Shamik said...

fello.. this is lovely!!

Shamik said...

'Urdu' was surely invented to breathe life, into every thought. Lovely.. I so envy you of being well versed in it.

But, then accept that its so much better than we not having touched upon so much beauty at all. :)

ghaza said...

awesome :)

Namas said...

lovely to the core...u r a gr8 poet!

Faizaan Marolia said...

yes, shamik said it very well. we are very lucky to have you in our lives, to show us so much beauty! :-)

junk said...

great stuff

meraj said...

@ mr bojangles, thx :)

@ shamik, thx and im glad to be of some use :)

@ ghaza, Namas & junk, thx for the appreciaton :)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Great thought / idea , superb ! and as the Urdu is beautiful as well , as Urdu always is !

meraj said...

@Bhaskar, thx for the heartfelt appreciation :)

Sriram said...

Great one Meraj!! So well put! May you connect and complete everything you begin!

meraj said...

many thanks for the lovely comment, Sri!

Pooja Nair said...

So, do you think this is your magnum opus too? or is that yet to come? :)

Mr Bojangles said...

yes, yes, Sri said it very well indeed.. may you connect and complete everything you dream! even the comments are lovely!

meraj said...

@ Pooja, dont know about magnum opus, but i like this one a lot :)

@ Mr Bojangles, thanks!

Achuthan said...

well put Meraj. quite like the way you have found your way to the end of the poem. also it would be cool if your poem has a photo from your collection accompanying it, something that adds a dimension to the poem itself.

meraj said...

thanks Achuthan!

and, couldnt find a photograph befitting the poem.


Ninad said...

Superb one Meraj.

Especially - "A dream from last night
Has come back in the daytime
Says, ‘Don’t let go of me,
Turn me into reality someday"

An eternal optimist like me can totally identify with it.

meraj said...

thx a lot for the appreciation, Ninad :)

Back Seat said...

Lavz, Khayaal aur sapne.....beautiful!

meraj said...

thnx, Aditya (of Back Seat)!

popdream said...

of course just write poetry than go and sleep....easy living@RT...from ghalib to MERAAAJ u supposedly elite of elite urdu knowing people doing just that...KEEP DREAMING....