Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In The Stillness Of This Moment

in the stillness of this moment
i see a spider on the wall
telling me how often it has
crawled on them all

in the stillness of this moment
i hear a fan whizzing by
narrating the happy times
it has been whizzing by

in the stillness of this moment
i hear a song playing in my head
just for me and noone else
and for that lovely loveliness

in the stillness of the moment
everything stands still
to soak and suck as much as i can
from this life and its drill


Two With Nature said...


The Drifter said...

hmmmmm, been quite 'still' there in your moment....
nice man

Mohammed said...

Nice one bro... :)

Smiling Dolphin said...

now you are really tangled up in views!

meraj said...

Two With Nature, :)

The Drifter, thanks!

Mohammed, thanks!

Smiling Dolphin, well put :)

Anis Khan said...

good one.

alien said...

Baba, yet the still is still still and will be still and still called still. Cheers!!!!