Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Dolphin with Chianti

We met a dolphin from these waters.

She came with a smile and the classic Chianti from Tuscany.

We talked about her animals, my music, her tennis days, my search-days, the class hang-ups and the mass realities, the short stature and tall nature, the greediness and the bare necessities.

And it all ended with Pooja’s favorite chocolate dessert and warm hugs.

Thanks, Dolphin…and keep smiling.

For the record, I'm temporarily leaving my country to stay at a small island towards the south. Today is my last day in Bombay and I'm getting sentimental.

ps: Thats 'Chianti Wines' by Gounod Romandy, an Italian painter of the 30's


Smiling Dolphin said...

you have captured it all so beautifully. guess you should open that bottle on the island and savour the moment forever. keep in touch, glad to have you both in my ocean...

alien said...

hope you relished chianti on the island...baba waiting for your post marriage post..why have u stopped posting.


Saman said...

waiting for ur posts from the isle!!so keep posted through your posts..cheers!!

Anonymous said...

dude ! hows u ? whats happening, how u liking it there ? -nikhil.