Friday, November 23, 2007

The mild winter

Mornings are getting more and more sleep-conducive.

The onset of sun has become mild and day begins with a hazy and diffused light. Even my east-facing bedroom permits me to stay in the bed a little longer.

And when the golden blob becomes a little strong during the course of the day, it feels good in the bones to be underneath it.

Finally, when the evening comes with the leaves on the trees swaying in a calm joy, and the birds chirping ‘Homeward Bound’, you feel like going for a long walk.

The mild winter of Bombay is here.

ps: I miss the extreme winter of my hometown.

11 comments: said...

It's the same beautiful feeling on the 3rd floor balcony from my cousins banjara hills apartment in hyderabad...

And the morning is going great so far. woken by a nice jazz version of the moonlight sonata... dreamy! :)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

ah ! beautiful feeling innit ? its happening here too....great post !

Smiling Dolphin said...

where is your hometown? speaking of hometowns, i spent my weekend at torda where the winter morning is such a thing of beauty it forces you to step out instead of sleep in. all my angels yapping and meowing and mooing and chirping away add to the music, and this time our tata indicom phone got a bit confused and kept singing every fifteen minutes for some strange battery related reason:-)so it was noisier and prettier than usual, but yes mumbai is really nice too right now.

meraj said...

enjoy the 'winters of the sand'.

i grew up in the land where the Sakyamuni attained Nirvana...Bodh Gaya.

am glad you enjoyed your weekend at Torda with your angels and tata indicom singing together :)


Bhaskar Khaund said...

in the western mind , summer is the epitome of every thing good ....the indian equivalent has to be winter ...i wonder if there's any celebration of it in the indian arts ( music / lit.etc) as there is of spring / summer in western culture ? any info on this , shoms ? maybe raagas or something ...? don't know of any myself...(but then i hardly know anything on this at all )
btw , to throw the question back to you , why has it stopped with YOU ? no new posts about a series on bombay winters in different parts , e.g. in town..?
l love thid current one - both content and style - sure look forward to a few more of these !

alien said...

Baba A request and recomendation to watch"Khuda kay liye" and it would be a pleasure if you could write something about it as i tried but seems i've not done justice to teh same...


meraj said...

even i have heard a lto about this 'Khuda Ke Liye' and will surely try and catch it.

good amount of music festivals like Savai Gandharva (in Pune) started by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Qutub Festival in Delhi and the Benaras festival on the banks of Ganges happen in winters.

Raga Chandrakaus(winter, nighttime) and Raga Shree (winter evenings) are there to musically explain the winter season. But, musically, the two big seasons which are celeberated in our culture are 'Monsoons'(hazaar variants of Raga Malhar) and 'Spring' (many variants of Raga Bahaar). this is because the economy (and hence fate of the northern India) in terms of farming and harvest depended on good rains and the crop.

in the Western Classical arena, Vivaldi from the baroque era gave us the famous 'Four Seasons'.

i have become quiet on this space because of my crazy travel schedules and certain very important (and unexpected) engagements. but, there is so much to tell.


phish said...

keep your mild winters. thats like an almost beautiful girl. er..yes. i am but malarial.

Smiling Dolphin said...

HI, I am in New York where the winter is anything but mild but it's still really so bracing and gorgeous. When are you going to 'tell'?:-)

meraj said...

can you sip in a bit of that spirit in your conditions?

it will all happen at its own pace :)

smiling dolphin said...

yes but siblings need to know first, otherwise they tend to die of curiosity:-))