Monday, August 27, 2007

The Emerald Isle Diaries - 2

I was woken up from my Bordeux induced slumber’, by my friend’s (notice the transition from a ‘client’ to a ‘friend’) call. He wanted to know whether I was up to a little trip to ODEL. I was. Now, ODEL is this famous place whose fame precedes intentions of visiting the Isle.

It’s a shopping arcade for some of the finest clothes and accessories from all over the world at great prices. It’s housed in what looks like a huge cottage (with escalators), which is much easier and sweeter than the maddening modern day shopping malls. Both tourists and locals are in love with the place. You’ll also find a sweet coffee shop as you enter and an outlet of Sri Lanka’s famous ‘Elephant House Hot Dogs’. I came back to the hotel with one cargo shorts, two T-shirts and a feeling of ‘another day well spent’. Two small pegs of J&B with some Crab Bisque guided me to sleep.

Today was extremely busy with five meetings, a good lunch with my colleagues and an insightful discussion on the political situation of the country. Tomorrow promises to be a day full of newer experiences as my colleagues plan to take me to the interiors of the southern part of the Isle. As of now, it’s going to be a refill of J&B…Cheers!

And thats how ODEL looks from inside.


POOJA NAIR said...

Looks luxurious! i accidently posted a comment for your prev post on the post before that...

Anyway, just cargo shorts and 2 t-shirts. No presents for loved ones back home? Just pulling your leg. heh!

Am watching this space for more about this beautiful isle...

alien said...

alongwith the beauty of this island I would appreciate and would love to know about the culture and influence of India if any hope u will furnish us with the same as you always do..cheers

Mansi Trivedi said...

sounds like an awesome trip

Anonymous said...

Dear *^%$# ( Expletives deleted) Meraj,
Life's Good! And I can see that.Keep walking.
All the best,

Smiling Dolphin said...

You are one lucky guy! Sri Lankans are a warm lovely race aren't they? I am dying to visit that country - last went there as a teenager and won the national mixed doubles title in tennis. Tell us about their music.

meraj said...

pooja, wait and watch!

alien, will surely try and capture the cultural aspect of the country.

tatha ,thanks for your heartfelt wishes :)

sibling dolphin (looks and sounds pretty much like the original, no?), got to do a section on their music scenes. btw, do you ever play these days?