Friday, July 27, 2007

Creeque Alley - The Other Song

We know them for ‘California Dreaming’ but I am going to talk about another great song by them called ‘Creeque Alley’. I am talking about one of the essential American band of the 60’s, sweetly called ‘The Mamas & the Papas’.

This song is an amusing description of how the Band was formed, with facts, names and incidents thrown in and set to a beautiful melody and cadence. Add to it the great vocals of Cass Elliot (also known as Mama Cass because of her size and association to the Band) and Dennis Doherty (Denny) with a lovely accompanying flute and you are happily in the Creeque Alley. The other members of the band were songwriter and guitarist John Phillips and Michelle Phillips (they later got married). The song was written in the year 1967, when the band was living the ‘great hippie dream’ on Virgin Islands, living off their American Express card (which gets a mention in the song) in a club located on the road named, ‘Creeque Alley’ which gives the song its name.

In my knowledge, no other band has chronicled their history and the life that they led in such a wonderful fashion. You will find a very good and complete analysis of all the lines of the track over here. The band was active between 1965 – 1968, making 5 albums and giving many hit singles. The name of the band happened from Cass’s response to a television talk show. You can use wikipedia to know the details of the story, if you are interested.

Enjoy your weekend! I am going to try and do the same in the difficult atmosphere of our country's capital.


Smiling Dolphin said...

this is too strange...with all the mud slinging in the economic times i was just thinking i'd be safe and warm if i was in LA and then you go and write this post...we were definitely siblings!

meraj said...

its quiet uncanny, lynn! but why LA?

phish said...

i have been in love with them for a long time. inherited a huge collection of their EPs from mum and still have them. in mint condition. looking for a small portable record player now. and maybe a cup of coffee.

meraj said...

your mum must be a woman of good taste...and if you want 'one more cup of coffee' you know which album of zimmy to pick up.

meraj said...

phish, if you are interested, ive got a dvd on the life and songs of the band. it belongs to a good friend, but you can borrow it, make a copy and gift it to your mum...she'd be very happy.