Wednesday, June 27, 2007

There's a thing in my pocket

I usually don't write about the profession I am in, but once in a while something comes along from my industry that makes me happy because of the sheer creative beauty of it (and makes me write a post like this). This commercial for multifunctional Nokia 95 is not on air anymore (though a friend says that one channel still runs it) but it keeps running in my mind all the time. I am sure the commercial will be there for you to appreciate on youtube in its full glory...with the subtle soundtrack of piano notes, great visuals with beautiful hue & lighting and a really stylish Godfather like voice-over. But the real hero of the commercial is the outstanding copy...Nosh Farmaaiye!

There's a thing in my pocket,
but it's not one thing, it's many

It's the same as other things
but exactly like nothing else.
It has an eye and an ear
that shares what billions of humans see.
It's not a living thing,
but if you feed it it will grow.
It can rally the masses,
it can silence the crowd.
It can speak a thousand words
but it has no voice.
It can find you the places
so you can get lost. (my favorite line)
And it can let others feel
what you've just been touched by

There's a thing in my pocket,
but it's not one thing, it's many.

Last time I fell in love with an ad was the international one for Sony Ericsson, Walkman phones...the one that ends with that very European sounding 'Hello'. Interestingly, a rival brand and the one I own!


junk said...

It is on air very rarely, but it does appear once in a while, as I'd said earlier, it's worth waiting for

Smiling Dolphin said...

if you download it from you-tube, close your eyes and just listen to it. all the images will replay in your mind perfectly, that's the power of such a fantastic voice over ...the sound of nokia, right! wonder why they don't use radio to give the ad a longer run.

meraj said...

i guess its too 'phoren' for

Smiling Dolphin said...

It could work on a channel like Fever, but then it's not our account! Nokia sponsors 'heroes' on star world so the ad still shows there often, saw it last night. You are most welcome to visit the GSPCA the next time you go to Goa, just call 2416180 and take my name. If you like animals they will take you up to the top of the hill where the shelters are. If I am in Goa at the time I will show you around the village, we have the backwaters and paddy fields set in the valley surrounded by the Salvador-do-Mundo hills, it's all very simple and rustic but has a lot of soul. Across the road from my hospital is Gerard da Cunha's Museum of Architecture which is on some of the touristy tours, but it's also a place you and your friends might like.

Phish said...

there are a lot of things to be learnt here. simplicity, the power of a script (indian creatives, listen) - this is a writer's dream. but i will draw the attention to what the others above have skimmed upon as well. the voice. how many times have we dared to use a voice that sounds different?
and even if we have, how many times has the client insisted we use one that has mass appeal - it shouldn't alienate etc etc hogwash.

look at how beautifully this works.
and gives it an edge over everything else.

meraj said...

absolutely! and while we are at it, let me also mention the strategic accuracy of the fact, i keep thinking about the truth of the line everytime i use my Sony Erisccon for internet search/mail/music/pics/video and of course, calls!

Two With Nature said...

this is the first time that i've really paid attention to the words...


i really like the voice over too.

but over all the ad & nokia cell phones (especially N series) - i'm done with them.

alien said...


I would just like to request you to write one more post related to your profession; The copy of CHIVAS REGAL..
hope it will be fulfilled.


Smiling Dolphin said...

Meraj, I just discovered this morning at our press conference that this commercial is made by Lowe, NY! It was first on the showreel. And Bates India keeps taking all the credit:-(

meraj said...

i always thought that its an international one (but didnt get the details...thanks for the same!) never gave the wong credit. the look and feel of the ad is screams about its international parentage.

gentulman said...

didnt get it first time. then i watched it again and found no reason for a third time.

meraj said...

gentulman, i am surprised....perhaps a fourth time will make you appreciate it!