Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The last of the Golden era (The pain)

i defied the promise made in the post on Goa by putting up something on goodness in advertising as the subsequent one. accept my apologies for the same and here goes my tribute to the legenday OP Nayyar.

my father is a great lover of hindi film music and growing up with him, i also turned into one. learning to differentiate between the styles of different composers and identifying them by merely listening to a song was a favorite childhood game (still is). two of the composers, namely Mr Salil Chowdhury and Mr O P Nayyar were always the easiest ones to crack because of their totally distinct styles. the highly experimental Mr Chowdhury expired a few years ago and the master of happy, romantic, youthful and the trademark cadence-filled melodies, Mr Nayyar expired a week ago.

Omkar Prasad Nayyar shot into the popularity charts with the success of Guru Dutt' s 'Aar Paar' (1954) and thereafter, kept giving music lovers some of the finest melodies, sung usually by Rafi or Asha/Geeta Dutt (but, never Lata). old age and degenerating quality of film music made him take a bow from the composing circuit, but he made one nice comeback in a movie called Nishchay (1992). his unique mix of rhythm and melody gave the songs an ability to continue in your head long after they have ended. thats how good old OPEE will be to me and tons of his fans.

my favorite OPEE melodies (in no particular order)
- Yehi Woh Jagah Hai (Asha Bhonsale, 'Yeh Raat Raat Phir na Aayegi')
- Deewana Hua Baadal (Asha and Rafi, 'Kashmir Ki Kali')
- Jaaiye Aap Kahaan Jaayenge (Asha, Mere Sanam)
- Pukarta Chala Hoon Main (Rafi, Mere Sanam)
- Phir Miloge Kabhi (Asha and Rafi, Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi)
- Chain Se Humko Kabhi (Asha, 'Chambal Ki Kasam')
- Aankhon hi Aankhon Mein (Geeta Dutt and Rafi, 'CID)
- Sun Sun Sun Zaalima (Geeta Dutt and Rafi, 'Aar Paar')
- Aapke Haseen Rukh pe Aaj Naya Noor Hai (Rafi, 'Bahaarein Phir Bhi Aayengi)
- Huye Hain Tumpe Aashiq hum (Rafi, 'Ek Musaafir Ek Hasina')

keep him alive in your system.


WhiteMoonWatching said...

hey M, was pleasantly surprised to see this post. I'm thankful that at least someone payed their respects to a man who gave us so many pleasant evenings with our fathers, either unwinding in our living rooms or driving back home after a long day. Some of the songs you've listed figure into my favourites too...so i guess...play on!

meraj said...

'so many pleasant evenings'...very well put, Bianca.