Monday, December 18, 2006

'Dark Star' or 'To all the trips I've had before'

Jerry Garcia said, "Dark Star has meant, while I was playing it, almost as many things as I can sit and imagine". When I heard it for the first time (of course, under certain influences), I thought I made an 11 minutes inter-galactic journey with the bizarrest of the visual imageries surrounding my closed eyes....what a strange trip it was! (for more on Dark Star, you can read this

Thanks to one mp3 player gifted by mr bojangles, I am revisiting 'Dark Star' (no 'influences' this time) these days and been tripping with equal passion. So, I sat down and listed some other great trippy tracks from the 'days' and realised that they will always remain the 'trips'. The list:

  1. Dark Star - Grateful Dead (the tuning in the middle of the song is the 'killer' here)

  2. Highlands - Bob Dylan ( "I'm lost somewhere, I must have made a few bad turns")

  3. The Rain Song - Led Zepplin (used beautifully in the movie 'Almost famous')

  4. Echoes - Pink Floyd (always takes me to a 'cold desert'...though ive never been to one)

  5. T B Sheets - Van Morrison (gotta go, gotta go, gotta in crime)

  6. Sister Morphine - The Rolling Stones (got hold of the acoustic version of it, recently...excellent!)

  7. Because - The Beatles (guess the movie 'American Beauty' ends with this track)

  8. Heroine - Velvet Underground (very very very heroine...)

  9. Sparks - The Who (listen to it alone in a dark room with a candle burning)

  10. The End - The Doors (remember Apocalypse???)

Genres like Indian Classical, Jazz, Qawwalis, Bhajans, Boleros (specially the one by Ravel) also take you on certain trips but I have limited my list to the 'strange trip' variety (okay...i wont use the word again). My dear 'Do-Re-Me' pals....kindly share your list.


nikhil said...

here's some more

cirrus minor - floyd

forever nightshade mary goodnight - los lobos i think.. has 30 second and 2 year synth solo of precisely 8 notes

you must love me, from evita.. madonna..

and if its certain influences that this post is about!!!.. then.. lets go about it by elimination..

any song - by anyone except

celine dion
brittney spears
all boybands except
nsync because n'sync is csny spelt backwards and an extra n

and how far can csny be from
trippy trips of teatime tingles
complex woven patterns of
seaside shingles
and fingerpicked chords of
frustrated singles !!!

ok ok next time ill stick to my blog !!!!

meraj said...

i dont buy your 'any song by anyone' funda, way!

but i buy your poem...once again trippy (oops did i use the word again?)

Mr. Brownstone said...

Go go go....gotta go...gotta go....uuuhhhh....go go go...!!!