Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Circle* of Ideas

in the world of marketing/communication, there is an area which has been labeled by different firms in different ways like 360 degree ideas, connection ideas, below-the-line (BTL) ideas etc. in plain english it means the ideas which would go on to push the Brand in ways beyound mass advertising on print/tvcs (for a detailed conversation on the subject you can always go to a blog called 'indiadrant' on blogspot by a fellow advertising professional. the blog largely delves in the zone of marketing/communication...it's fairly good).

so, there are certain 'Connection' ideas which have been around in my mindspace for some time and a few companies can make some extra millions from them :) here they are, for whatever its worth:

1. Plaster the seatbacks
the various Pune based construction companies can tie up with the flourishing Volvo bus service to put up their communication on the a) back of the seats inside the buses and b) spots on the loud movie-show they run for the passengers. considering the amount of 'vella' time the passengers have in that 3-4 hour journey ( Mumbai-Pune), the company can end up getting a good set of relevant captive audience.

2. Go to the apartments
big cities, so many apartments/office buidings and as many nameplate boards as the key to the flats....a nice branding zone for a) the brand of cement used in the building b) the brand of appliances used in the building and other such categories

3. Insides of the lift
a few companies are already putting themselves up in this zone...fun-republic, the multiplex in mumbai is already putting its lifts to the great cause of advertising.

4. Choppers with Banners
imagine the number of people on marine drive (mumbai) on a weekend...what if a chopper was to roam around in the zone with huge banners of a brand. high visibility/high noise (am including the the sound of the chopper here). a chopper ride with some celebrity over the sealine of Mumbai could be the prize for some contest from this brand.

am sure, you people out there will be having many more ideas like these...share!

*the title comes from 360 degrees which makes a circle.


Pooja Nair said...

1. Inside trial rooms and public washrooms for personal hiegine brands

2. On the back of the front seat of taxi's and riksha's

3. On cemented pavements - for footwear brands

4. Children's brands advertised on the back of fancy masks that are kept at restaurans, malls etc for the kids to pick up at will.

5. On the roof of long journey trains and buses?

6. On mirrors! everyone tends to look into mirrors or any reflective surface. some descretely and others openly. maybe we could sneak in branding for beauty care products on some edge/corner of the reflective surface.
could we install mirrors at public places with branding on them.

7. health foods could advertise on public weighing machines. maybe that card wiht the weight could be accompanied by some branding.

These may have been used in oher parts of the world. but in india they still remain to be tapped to their full potential!

For best results the brand and idea executions need to be relevant to the touch-point being used.

Anonymous said...

some very good ideas there m&p...but many of them wud still be interruptions of classical marketing! the spirit of connections is all about forging a new engagement/ relationship...

the era of thrust in your face branding is dead...brand recall will not fetch much...brand fondness will...Hasan Kamal - a very interesting blog...unfortunately on the music and movies part, am too ignorant to comment:) cheers